Financial Benefits Educators & Advisors

Your State Retirement is what you work for, what you save for, and what you plan for. Retirement, is the day when you can hang up your uniform or put away the grade book and leave the stresses of work behind.  

Many state, local and county employees haven’t taken the steps necessary to plan for a comfortable retirement. They haven’t determined how much money they’ll need and where that money will come from. They haven’t calculated their pension or established a savings and investment plan to accumulate the needed assets.

At Milend, we want to see each teacher and firefighter reach retirement knowing they have adequate assets to last for the rest of their life! We will help employees develop a retirement plan, review the plan on a regular basis to make adjustments as life and goals change over time.Utilizing our free services will give you the comfort in knowing that you will have a team of TRS, ERS, TCDRS, TMRS experts managing your retirement plan.